That's's a bathroom. Why should your theater of daydreams be anything less than spectacular. Be the phantom of the toilet. True indulgence begins where the audience fears to tread.

If you cant find an honest friend look for a good church and get some new friends.

My first ever copper patina. I did it with latex paint and urethane finish.

I'll bet you're good at being you and probably have been all your life so look at your choices and do what I would be doing if I were there...reading you.

What you like should be obvious.

God's kids deserve something special

Where would you go for the perfect vacation? The mountains, Tuscany, the desert or where?

Teenage girls choose interesting things to paint.

When you think of artist who do you think of, Picasso, da Vinci or that other guy.

And what kind of painting?  landscape, seascape, still life, modern or ?

First; look around your house and study the choices you have already made. Were they contemporary, dark, retro, Florida Deco or something else?

Not everyone can see themselves; at least not like their friends and enemies do. Look around for an honest friend and ask for help.

It is a wall for a little boy to grow up with...

his home is his castle...

How do I know what I want on my wall?

There aren't many things that scare me much anymore except a client who doesn't know what he wants. I will walk away from a job when I sense this. An artist who takes such a job is about to do it three times. Some people don't know what they want until they see it. Follow the green copy and find out how to know yourself...

murals - fine art-art school


A little bit of Tuscany by the pool...

A plywood cut-out makes a kids mural 3D !

Your mural is in my brush...

Want it?

Let's talk about it...


let's start at the front door.

Painting a mural is more than a house tattoo. It is an expression of who you are, what you like and what you have to say. It can reflect your heritage, origin or religion. Freedom of expression is a wonderful and cherished thing today. Feel your walls caressing you as you are, shariing your personality and affirming you.

A small oddly angled wall becomes a portal to wonderland with the faux stone and landscape. About 10' x 10'

It's the coffee bar at a popular resort where pirates of the Caribbean meet to discuss their dastardly deeds and misadventures. AR-r-r-r-r-r-r-r means, "Good morning to-ya."

Let that simple backyard fence become your album of adventure. Here the client remembers many a diving trip with best friends and a few villainous looking sharks and sting rays.

Part of 3 walls that surround a luxury bath tub. Faux stone tile on drywall.

I noticed that the kids who enjoyed the kids walls the most, were between 40 and 80 years old.

This resort mural is about 30" x 50' overhead in the lobby. Imagine walking in and finding this for your first impression.

"Must be Florida!"

Life size people on a large mural

"Rocking it" with this retaining wall around a clients pool

The paint is usually a top-of-the-line exterior satin applied liberally. The subject is a collaboration between you and the artist. Wesley will talk with you; and you both will search the internet image banks for ideas. The result will be a collage of the things that hold meaning to you. Only Wesley can work so fast using the methods that he has developed and teaches in his classes. Check out the classes offered on the web store. Perhaps you live close enough to attend a few of them.

In this resort the workout room doubles as a faux aquarium as the guests work out with the fish.