The studio in Downtown Leesburg is now closed. 

I am about to start the Covenant Life Farm in Fruiland Park Florida. It will be a source of organic and healthy grown produce as well as a ministry to help the homeless in this area.


After 24 years of full time fine art and murals  Wesley Stout has opened The Wesley Stout School Of  Art in Leesburg FL. Wesley's philosophy is simply to teach you the skills of art and watch your talent grow. The Studio is full of paintings for sale at very low prices. You can buy pieces created in the classroom as demos at extremely low prices or fine art pieces at a more moderate price.

Classes & courses are available and are designed especially for each student of group. .

‚ÄčThe BRUSH COMMANDER METHOD is a collection of the brush tricks learned over the years.

"Sometimes admiring art is not enough...

One must become art itself."