Wesley Stout School Of Art

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A new class location has been found....

very exciting....

info posted Sept 11

Classes begin October 1


We no longer have the location in Minneols for our classes. I have secures 11 class times at Michaels for the first 12 days of September. They are mostly 2 hour classes but several are 4 hour classes with intermediate rating. You know how I teach....in 4 hours you can do almost anything.

I am also negotiating with a prominent art celebrity to teach my methods under a brand name. Postings coming soon.

I have spoken with the landlord at a Clermont shopping center but will not make any commitment just yet. We have vacations to finish before business. his ends late next week and mine begins September 13.)  I appreciate your input because a years lease is a scary thing now days.

For those who have bought the buy-4-get-5 package I will buy those back and allow you to sign up for classes under the new system such as through Michaels....you pay them and they pay me.

Sorry to be playing poor-boy but I am trying to build the school debt free and the only way I know to do that is not to spend what I don't have yet. At least all the options before us now include good air-conditioning.

I still plan to teach the Paint Like Kinkade, Monet and the Highwaymen starting October.  There are simply too many variables in the works to make definite promises now.

Help me pray for wisdom and Holy Favor.

Changes are a-hap-nen

At Michael's Now

ACRYLICS             throughSept. 12

Landscape  Friday 5th     level 1 ... 1 to 3 pm    16 x 20 canvas on 4 hour class  and   12 x 16 for 2 hour class

new class location has been found......posting info on Sept. 11 .....classes begin October 1